Value of One-on-One Meetings: High Output Management

Value of One-on-Ones Employees need to have a feeling of purpose without feeling limited in their careers by solving business problems, collaborating and using innovative tools. Whether you are the […]

No Lines? No Checkout? Amazon Go

Amazon has done it again. With services ranging from Amazon Web Services to cleaning your house, now Amazon has provided a new take on convenience. On January 22nd, 2018, Amazon […]

My Life Now and During The Singularity

During graduate school, I was once asked to describe my routine life now and to think about 1. My personal life during the Singularity 2. the framework of my future […]

How to Become a Technology Manager and Inspirational Leader

A Technology Manager is usually perceived as someone who overseas networks and servers. This is not what I do, nor what this post is about. I am going to talk […]

My Social Media DETOX for 3+ Years and how it has impacted my social, personal and professional life

I remember being at the park everyday in Queens, NYC in the late 1990’s early 2000’s exploring all the nook and crannies, playing on the swing, skateboarding, volleyball, socializing. How […]

Sophia the Robot, Barbie and Beauty

Image from:¬† Meet Sophia, one of the leading robots introduced by Hanson Robotics on October 2017, created by David Hanson. Oh yea, and she is the first robot to hold […]