Top Places in Bali From Uluwatu to Ubud

I took a trip December 2016-2017 to Bali, Indonesia and I must say I fell in love with the people, food and culture. It is a timeless location that keeps calling to me. For those who are considering traveling there or who have traveled and want to reminisce, here are my top places to visit:

Feel free to watch my video that goes over Bali and a bit of Singapore:

1. Queen Villa, Dreamland

I spent weeks looking at Airbnb and trying to find the best location for a group of 6. I knew I did not want to stay in the bustling Kuta location. Instead, I found a villa south of bali about 10 mins from Uluwatu called Queen Villa. It is fully staffed with about 7 members that provide free breakfast of your choice right in the kitchen. You may give them a few dollar to buy groceries and cook a meal of your choice for lunch and dinner which we took advantage of almost everyday. They offer laundry service for a small fee, clean all the rooms and common area daily. Cleanliness is huge in Bali! you do not have to worry! The villa comes with great entertainment systems, amazing decor which overlooks the beach and pool. The villa itself is not surrounded by too many other houses so you really do have great privacy! Oh, and you can request to get a message in your room which was about $10USD for an hour!

2. Uluwatu Temple

Beautiful temple on top of a cliff with stunning ocean and sunset views. To enter you must pay a very small fee (using cash like most places in Bali!) and must be properly dressed. They do have wraps for men and women available.

Every night they do host a Kecak and fire dance that you can also buy tickets in the venue. It is an amazing show that is very spiritual involving chanting and storytelling.

Afterwards, relax at the Coconut shak to drink some fresh Coconut 🙂 Oh yea, and you will get to see monkeys all around there!

3. Kupu Kupu Mas Spa Jimbaran

Our driver recommended going there for a very affordable ($20USD) message. I literally had the best message while listening to slow-tempo balinese music. If you are into yoga and meditation, I highly recommend listening to Balienese spa music!

4. Mas Village Ubud

This village is known for its intricate woodwork on every corner. They offer woodwork on sculptures, painting, furniture. Feel free to drive by as you head to the rest of Ubud if your coming from the South of Bali.

5. Butterfly Park Tabanan

We stumbled upon this park on our way to Ubud. As you enter, the workers offer you fresh Mango juice. The park isn’t incredibly huge, but it has so many details and butterflies from all ranges that you can spend a lot of time in just one small area exploring. They have a within the park where they house cocoons turn to beautiful butterflies. Make sure to bring a nice camera to take lovely pictures.

6.  Tegenungan Waterfall

Another destination for when you travel up north is a family friendly waterfall. Make sure to get your sneakers ready because the hike down and up can be tricky. The waterfall is swim friendly and has plenty of space to walk around and take pictures. There are shops and restaurants around that you can explore as well.

7. Ubud Art Market

Earlier in the week I bough a bunch of souveniers from a local supermarket but then discovered the Ubud Art Market which has way too much stuff that are overpriced. Make sure to negotiate and walk away as needed because they are more than likely to come running to you. I bought Luwak coffee which is “digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet”. It tasted very pure! Worth trying and buying as souveniers haha! Lastly, I bought an amazing painting that was well worth it. Check out my youtube video for the pictures

8. Monkey Forest Ubud

First tip is leave your belongings with your driver, house or somewhere safe. We only brought with us some water and you can buy bananas to feed the monkeys. They are fun but can be very vicious so be careful, don’t run and enjoy their interaction. I had a very big and gentle monkey some up to the top of my arm and ate some corn from my hand. Apparently, they prefer corn over the overload of banana they receive from tourists. Oh, and they have a cemetery for the monkeys too. They each have a name!

Some tips

  • Take out cash since not all places accept credit. When going to the exchange, make sure to count your money after because one of the exchange guys slipped some money for himself
  • Stay away from Kuta because it is a bit chaotic especially if you want a villa. Good place to hangout for a late night or to visit the waterpark
  • Be open and speak to the people. They are super kind and have a lot to offer in this world



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