3 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planner is a full-time job and has been a significant role in wedding market for years. Average price for a wedding planner around $3,500 depending on the region of the states you reside. Planners in Washington D.C. area cost around $5,000. Personally, I would rather save the money for a spectacular honeymoon. Lucky, I am a natural born planner and manager, so planning my wedding has been exciting. I want to share with you my top 3 tips that are critical for starting your wedding planning. If you get these figured out early on (recommended 1 year in advance), then everything else will fall into place. Best of luck!

Tip 1: Venue, Venue, Venue

Selecting a venue can be stressful in the beginning but well worth it. Keep in mind, if you want a venue you must start search a year or two in advance. During this process, think about:

  1. Desired Location
  2. Date
  3. Budget
  4. Theme

Some may want to elope, some may want a destination wedding. Ultimately for me it was about what was most convenient for our family and friends. Last year, my finance and I went to two weddings overseas in Spain and Portugal. It was romantic and adventurous but knew getting everyone to accept a destination wedding is tough. Being I wanted to plan everything in under a year, I decided to stay locally. I wanted to find a venue which has catering and drinks included. I opted for a mini-mansion style wedding because honestly, a ball room is a bit extravagant and wanted a more intimate setting. I used Wedding Wire and The Knot to look up venues.

One downfall was the fall was completely booked on the dates we wanted, so we fell back on a summer wedding. A pro-tip is to call the venues before setting an appointment and ask questions you may not find online to save you some gas from going out there! Find a venue that represents you as a couple! Once you select the venue, everything else like the decor, photography, cake will all fall into place. The venue helps set the tone for everything else that you select.

Tip 2: Get Organized and Select Tools for Planning

When I started thinking about the wedding, I bought a book from Barnes and Noble from The Knot titled “The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer” which is $23. This was an inspiration/organizer book that has checklists and areas to sketch as well as write down all the vendors you are in contact with. Throughout the process, I used it a lot less because I jumped to Wedding Wire website which offered similar checklist style feature. However, the book helped me wrap my head around what needs to be done and jot notes down. Wedding Wire is great since it offers a $25 reward for each vendor you reach out to using their service which is Free!

Tip 3: Selecting Wedding Dress(es)

The wedding dress is most memorable during the wedding. Take some time searching but keep in mind if you want a brand new dress, the estimated delivery time is 4-6 months and tailoring is 1-2 months. If you are eloping or want something convenient, you can opt for off the rack dress! I wanted a small intimate boutique to go to. No need to go to Kleinfelds!  I put together a diagram you can review to help you select your wedding dress. Hope this helps!


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