Get Advice Outside Your Area of Expertise and Get Creative

Coming up with creative solutions in your job can be difficult if you limit your surroundings and influences. While having a mentor or career coach with someone aligned to your work, or colleagues in your market area can provide fruitful lessons, you need to reach out to people outside of your area of expertise to gain rich creative ideas.

I am in technology consulting  space. I have great colleagues and peers who have extensive experience, however, the best advise I have received are from associates outside my space. My partner has social work and psychology experience. I often ask him how he would deal with an issue. Humans are humans no matter what space you work in. One of work’s biggest challenge are not feeling in a mundane routine, working with others and effectively communicating your ideas. His greatest advise is reminding me to give people benefit of a doubt because I will never know what people are dealing with outside of work. He opened my mind to connecting with my work on a humanistic level and well-reasoning with others with charisma and understanding.

My mother, currently retired, was an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor. What made her effective in her job was not using classroom book material as her main source of teaching. She came up with activities on her own (not required) ranging from poetry, theater, show and tells to help her students learn English. This reminded me that meetings and deliverable approaches do not have to be cookie cutter. For my meetings, I have begun to make it interactive especially since most of our team members are virtual. Our discussions and decision points have become fun yet productive. Work can be hard but taking time throughout the day to ease yourself and those surrounding you can help productivity and creativity not just for yourself but those surrounding you as well. As seen below, you are typically more creative when you let yourself go and not let stress get the best of you. Once you are ready to be productive and execute your creative thoughts, stress can increase but again, don’t stress too much or else you can come to a roadblock.

Creativity vs productivity

The people who surround me outside of technology space have helped me be creative in my work approach. Also, the activities I do such as going to art galleries, watching documentaries about space, nature, history can all impact your awareness and self-development. Take time to try something different, talk to someone different than you. Work shouldn’t be white and black. There are so many fun ways to approach your job and your thought-process.

Overall, “Don’t worry be happy”!

Let me know who inspired you to be more creative! Yoga instructors, your baby, astronauts? 🙂



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