Google Makes Appointments for You! Google Duplex

Are you too lazy or too busy to set up appointments, book hotels, schedule dinner date? Google introduced a new way that removes the human aspect of setting appointments through a phone call named Google Duplex. With Duplex, Google Assistant can make calls on your behalf, set appointments and update your calendar.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, introduced this concept at Google I/O demonstrating how a human can give a computer simple facts about their appointment needs using speech, the computer will take the information such as day, time, preferences and call to set the appointment on your behalf.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) has similar traits to a human from the sound, personality, to grammar. It says “uh”, “um” and does not have a robotic voice like we are used to with automated machine. Google has worked on this project for several years and has built upon its existing text-to-speech, speech recognition, and deep learning. They are working to release a solution that will help everyone be efficient.

Will it work?

I can see some downfalls, especially with food reservations. When I call some restaurants it may be too noisy in the background, or someone’s accent is tough to understand as Sundar demonstrated in the keynote. Also, getting through automated calls is a nightmare trying to talk to businesses such as banks. We tend to press 0 but the machine just takes us back to the menu. I wonder how the AI deals with automated calls.

Google already knows so much about you that they have the confidence to develop something that will replace your day to day task. It is just one additional step forward to dominating other aspects of our lives. While it seems cool at first, it gives me the creeps! While they say it will make your life easier, what is the catch? What is the overall plan for Google in 5, 10 years that we don’t know about?

When is the launch of Google Duplex?

Google will begin testing this summer for making simple reservations such as restaurants and hair salon appointments. They did not mention if this is for internal testing, external specific users or a beta version for all users.

Watch the short demo:


Watch the full Keynote:

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