Summer to Fall Season Transition: How to Shift Your Mindset

“Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored”- Terrance McKeena

On September 22nd, the inevitable is upon us, we are entering Fall 2018. Fall has always been my favorite season to wear leather jackets and boots, put on some crisp bold burgundy, orange, brown clothes and makeup. Besides my love of putting a look together, enjoying the cool and crisp weather, all the holidays that bring back childhood memories and keeping up with New York Fashion Week, transitioning into a fall mindset can be intimidating every single year.

Just as seasons cycle every year, so does the human brain and attitude. Personally, I take time off in summer, therefore thinking about fall reminds me that I need to achieve goals and objectives I may not have necessarily met in the summertime. Transitioning through seasons is a test to reflect and adapt to any conditions around us. Just remember, seasons are temporary. I know that I find myself to be personally challenged especially when it is raining or snowing. I’ve had a harder time staying focused, which then transpires into my surrounding world, whether that is work or my home.

Ask Yourself, Reflect, Act

Do I find myself angry, sad, emotional during a specific season? Weather condition? Physical and health conditions? ….What have they taught me about myself and things around me? What can I do to be ME?

When I asked myself this a few years ago, I took some time to reflect and pinpointed situations when I was not my greatest and equated them to repeating patterns, whether that was pre-menstruation or a rainy day and described the output of the situation whether that was internal frustration or external to those around me. Since I was able to reflect and identify, when I am going through repeating uncertainty due to season change or physical change, I remember the times that has happened and chose not to relapse because I have a choice and I know that it is temporary and it will pass just like the seasons. I found a graphic below with “Autumn: A time for Mistakes”. These descriptions of seasons are a major misconception and we have the power to make change happen mentally which will affect what is around us.


Quantum Physics has revealed to us that all physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy, which even our thoughts are made up of vibrations. If you don’t believe in Mind Power or Mind Energy, that’s perfectly reasonable. Just think of moments in life where you have been in a bad mood or have negative thoughts, those around you whether at work or home will be affected, so the least we can do while we are transitioning through life and season is to think and be open and positive. Our minds and actions are our own, so enjoy what remains of Summer and embrace Autumn. Don’t fall into the trap of the negative stereotypes about this season and its effects on our emotions and personality.

To help you reduce any anxiety you may have at work, think and plan ahead. We know holidays are upon us, so start requesting time off, or at minimum coordinating with your loved ones for plans. Plan out some milestones for the holiday season and set them up on your calendar so you do not forget. For personal health and well-being, know that colder times are coming and if that is not to your liking then take advantage of working out more at home or your local gym to stay entertained and positive. Let me know in the comments what are something you do to help you shift your mindset with each season!



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