What if Pangea Existed Today?

Before learning about Pangea, growing up my family subscribed to National Geographics. If you recall, National Geographics magazine included maps. My parents hung up a map in their bedroom and I would stare at it endlessly, thinking about the vast body of water, the tiny islands, borders and how the world map resembled a jigsaw puzzle. Once upon a Time continents were conjoined, but due to continental drift, the land mass shifted.


Imagine if we lived in one landmass. Would we have less languages? Would we all look similar? How quickly would we evolve? Would borders and politics exist? What types of technologies would we use? Would climate change truly exist? What foods would we eat? What would the population size look like? Would there be an idea of a country? How many types of species would we have? How hot would the land be? Would we be centered at the equator? What types of crops would we grow?

Without tectonic plates, I would imagine we would not have mountains. We would be at sea level with flatlands No Mount Everest in Pangea! The downfall is the impacts mother nature would have on us collectively. I can foresee natural disasters such as hurricanes would hit stronger since it would be a big landmass. Right now with hurricanes, we are so disconnected and oblivious to what is happening in other parts of the world. Perhaps we send money to help support and fundraise, but physically it may not affect us. If we had conjoined lands, would we remain primates, or would we create innovative tools to deal with mother nature?

The human ego, often thinks of themselves as dominant over others, whether in a scale of a tribe or a country. So often do humans forget that we once co-existed. However, I can imagine a different level of separatism can happen in terms of increased levels of tribes and kingdoms.

My purpose in writing this blog is to remind you, the audience, that we are not so different. Do not let continents, politics, large masses of water between us define who we are as a human race. Below is an amazing image if Pangea existed today with our current borders.



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