My Ikigai: Reason for being. Japanese secret to a long and Happy life

I discovered my reason for being. I discovered what sparks joy, my Kon Marie moment, not in my clothes and objects around but in me!

My husband and I recently bought bookshelf to store our childhood and adult memories. After a workday and building a jigsaw puzzle late into the night, I looked across and saw a new small book. My husband bought it for me since he knew I was thinking for some time on my Ikigai . I find myself writing journals, doing videos, reading, thinking, but the moment came to me and flowed so easily.

The book itself provides motivational journey into finding your Ikigai. There was a statement on finding your true nature. Automatically I had a flash back of my life thus far and asked myself, no matter what I did and what I loved, what is the one theme around 1. What I love 2. What the World Needs 3. What I can get paid for 4. What your good at.

Immediately I knew what it was. Recently I was boasting to my husband that I finally found my passion, but little did I know that that passion was actually my Ikigai. The same day I read the book I conducted a Lunch and Learn at work. All the pieces were fitting together.

When I was a very young girl I would stay up with my sisters and with my imagination give them night time stories. My first job was Kumons math and english tutor, I have been in numerous education programs and activities. My parents were both professors and have published books. I thrive the most when I am providing information, doing research, sharing knowledge, mentoring, listening, discovering with others.

Can you guess what it is?

My Ikigai is teaching. To be clear not the profession teaching but the art and reward of teaching, advising, mentoring in any moment of life. Watch video below to find out more! Readings from the book included.

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